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Using nature’s patterns to create beautiful & innovative human habitat


Design for life By weaving in natural materials and designing projects that regenerate their environments, we create beautiful habitat for humans and all walks of life. Because we evolved in natural settings, biophilic design makes us happier and calmer – naturally.

Less is more What if the emphasis was not on creating the grandest estate on the block, but rather on how to transform existing resources into an ecologically thriving environment for families and communities?circle-site-plan

Design in context By overlaying the natural patterns and flows that define a given environment,we can lay the groundwork for projects that shift your site not just toward sustainability, but social and ecological regeneration. Even small projects benefit from a big picture view.

Design/Build The design/build approach allows for an iterative process in which the vision (design) stays in dialogue with its implementation (build). With this approach projects are created efficiently by nonhierarchical teams of people communicating meaningfully with one another.


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