Trimming the doors, making the website

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Image of sliding door with freshly milled and stained cedar trim boards.

Trimming out the pocket doors with naturally-finished cedar.

It’s not exactly chopping wood and carrying water, but today I am running back and forth between quick bursts of website creation and trimming out some doorways in my house. One lovely minute I’m working the level and tracing the contours of cedar grain with my fingers, the next I am learning how to make the little Facebook button magically appear on the homepage. In both cases, I am creating something out of nothing, I am summoning an internal vision and making it public.

Birthing Elemental Design/Build has been a major life event, and now that I’m pulling the website together, it’s like we’re heading to the hospital (or calling the midwife!) and making preparations for the new being we’re guiding into the world. There is no feeling like bringing life to a dream!

We all know we should be the change we want to see, but what a journey to honestly define that on a personal level, and then actually learn how to do it! And so the start of Elemental D/B is the culmination of one quest – honing in on what I want to do with my one precious life – but just the spare beginnings of another. Up next, breathing life into the lungs of this new dream and making it real. ┬áThe creative process continues…


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